Powershell Examples calling wmi SCCM client

#Get-WmiObject -Namespace root\ccm\clientsdk -Class * -List
#Get-WmiObject -Namespace root\ccm -Class * -List
#Get-WmiObject -Namespace root\ccm -Class SMS_Client
#Get-WmiObject -Namespace root\ccm\clientsdk -Class CCM_Program -List | select -ExpandProperty Properties
#Get-WmiObject -Namespace root\ccm\clientsdk -Class CCM_ClientUtilities -List | select -ExpandProperty Methods

#Get-WmiObject -Namespace root\ccm\clientsdk -Class CCM_InstalledDeploymentType -List | select -ExpandProperty Properties
#Invoke-WmiMethod -Namespace root\ccm\clientsdk -Class CCM_InstalledDeploymentType -Name Id
$versionSCCMclient = Get-WmiObject -Namespace root\ccm -Class SMS_Client | Select -ExpandProperty ClientVersion

IF ($versionSCCMclient -ne “5.00.7958.1401”) {

Write-Host “Old Version start upgrade”
CMD.exe /C msiexec.exe /p configmgr2012ac-r2-kb2994331-i386.msp /L*v %TEMP%\configmgr2012ac-r2-kb2994331-i386.msp.LOG /q REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=mous



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