How to: Upgrade NetScaler 10.1 Build to 10.5 Build


0. If you have a custom theme change the custom theme to the default theme.

Gui NetScaler Gateway – Global Settings – change global settings 

Backup the custom theme. check this article 

1. Check supported Upgrade path

2. Check if you have NSROOT Access with SSH(Putty)

3. Check if you can transfer files(WinSCP) with NSROOT

4. NS has to reboot so get some  maintanance downtime

5. Run the following command: Show techsupport or in the gui System > Diagnostics > Generate support file

6. Create a backup of the following files on each appliance:

> create system backup -level full


> show system backup

Additional backup the following.

Standard Files
Files you might have customized

7. Do a filesystem integrity check:


8. make the folder /var/nsinstall/<NS Version>/<NS Build>/

9.  Upload the build file to the folder /var/nsinstall/<NS Version>/<NS Build>/

10. Decompress the firmware tar -zxf <filename>

11. Install the firmware: ./installns

12. Reboot Y

13. Check version number: sh version








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